Tumblog Plugin/Chocolate Theme

Hey Guys

Not sure if you can help or not but I just downloaded the Chocolate WP theme from Themeforest that Tim recommended for what I wanted to achieve. I was trying to use Status plugin in with it but not very compatible unfortunately. However, they have included the "tumblog" plugin feature which does about the same as I wanted.

However, I can't figure out how to add the Tumblog poster onto the site itself (its only showing in dashboard) Does anyone know if and how it is possibe I add the "Tumblog" widget to the actual homepage of the site for people to post there without having to visit dashboard?

My other question regarding this is how can I change the "tumblog" slug in my post type URL to something that I want to further brand my site? currently it says tumblog/images tumblog/articles etc. Thanks for the help! you guys are always awesome