Turn Off Page Builder Animations

Hi -

Hope all is well with everyone at WPMU Dev Support. I've really appreciated your timely responses to my many questions.

Not sure if this is a Theme question or something you can help me with as a general CSS code modfication I can make, but here goes anyway.

I'm using the drag and drop page building in my theme at the following page:


As you can see, when you first slide down to reveal each new header element in the, it has an animation that causes it to slide in.

I'd like to turn that element off, but I can't see anywhere to do so.

I've also checked with the documentation that came with my theme, but I can't see it there either. I thought I remembered seeing something at one point, but I don't now. Maybe it was in a prior update of the theme.

The author does not seem to want to answer any kind of question like that, only support for bugs, so he's not been much help.

Any thoughts? As always, I've granted you Support Access

Thanks as Always - Eric