Turning off "active status" on members

I am sure this is specific to BuddyPress and not this theme, but I have gotten some requests to turn off the status on some users. Can this be turned off individually or on the whole site. See screenshot to see what I am talking about.

Thanks, David

  • DavidM
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    Hi David,

    This is a bit of an extensive one and it’s actually somewhat a core BuddyPress matter as that’s all specified in the BP Default theme, which is used as the standard for BuddyPress theme development.

    Basically, you’d have to search the theme’s BuddyPres template files for occurrences of functions like bp_member_last_active() and delete the relevant sections you’d like removed.

    Or, more complicated, you could write a bit of code that checks the user id and hide the status info based on your specified id(s).

    Alternatively, you might be able to get away with something like the following hack:

    span.activity { display:none; }

    It’s a hack, and not the optimal method as it hides all the status texts, such as the group and forum status info.

    It can be done, but this one will likely take a fair amount of custom work.



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