Tutorial on setting up sites in MU network?

I’ve been trying to set up extra sites in multisite for a week now and the sites are showing up under my sites in the admin drop down, but when I go to the site or the dashboard, it says they’re not found. My web host tried to tell me buddy press (which is my main site theme) is not compatible with multi-site. I think it’s just because they can’t figure out the problem. Is there are tutorial on how to set up secondary sites once you have MU set up and working with your main site? I’ve got to be missing something here.

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    Hi @sethczerepak

    I completely understand how you feel! When I was first introduced to Multisites, I struggled to get mine set up for more than a week. And then when it was finally done I broke it, and had to do it all over again :slight_smile: But we learn and that’s how we improve. And when in doubt, you can never go wrong to ask.

    Step 1 of the Tutorial on setting up Multisites

    So first of all, I started my journey into Multsites by reading the WPMU DEV Creating a Network by Enabling WordPress Multisite Manual.

    From this point, please confirm whether you’ve set up a network of sub-domains or sub-directories, as each is handled differently. Also, please confirm whether you have a dedicated IP and whether your hosting company supports the creation of wildcards.

    Once I know this information we will move on to Step 2 of the Tutorial on setting up Multisites. :slight_smile:

    Look forward to your feedback and assisting you further.


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