Tutorial Video Updates

When will the Tutorial Videos be updated with the "new" image uploader that was introduced months ago? Thanks!

  • Paul Foster Marketing

    I'm guessing that "They've already updated 5-10 videos" is the reason why the videos are currently mixed up with different recording styles, video sizes and voice overs?

    I've also misread the term 'whitelabel' in the description of this plugin - I now assume it to mean the videos are not branded with 'recorded by WPMUDev' or such like, whilst I thought at first it meant they didn't show or mention the brand WordPress.

    Since I have 'rebranded' WordPress with your excellent Ultimate Branding plugin, it's a bit pointless having tutorials that mention videos mention WordPress.

    I can see that I can 'disable' certain videos for those users who don't have access to the features in the video, which is great, though again pointless for use rebranders if the show or mention WordPress.

    I appreciate the odd glimpse of the W logo, or even the word wordpress in a menu somewhere can't be avoided but blantent showing and mentioning Wordpress isn't helpful.

    Please can you advise me as which type of video represents the updated ones? Some have 'How To' titles overlaid, whilst others don't. Are there currently only the two types of video?

    Having gone through a few I'm disappointed that deciding to use your excellent Ultimate Branding plugin appears at present to have precluded me from using the tutorial videos.

    I'm also inclined to think if you were going to use a different style/VO then maybe all the videos should have been re-recorded before deploying the update, and thus confusing me, and probably others users of the plugin.

    Can you clarify wether or not the Tutorial Video plugin intends to conflict with the Ultimate Branding plugin?

  • Paul Foster Marketing

    Further to my previous post...

    As a point of reference the group of videos entitled 'The Visual Editor' has 9 videos, with at least 5 and possibly 6 different presenters/styles.

    It's incongruent, and in my personal opinion unprofessional.

    I suggest they are watched in succession as indeed they are intended to be since they are all grouped.

    The lack of congruency is a major let down for this professional plugin. It looks as if I've randomly picked videos from youtube and stuck them together in a group.

    At least the individual videos in fast dated plr tutorial sets floating around are congruent.

    Time to up the ante, I think. This plugin is letting the side down in my humble opinion.

  • aecnu

    Greetings PAFoster,

    Thank you for your feedback which is certainly appreciated.

    Concerning WordPress logos etc. though I myself cannot figure out which videos are which i.e. new, old etc.

    I do know that it is easy enough to replace the logos by overwriting the images of the WordPress logos of the WordPress installation that the videos are being composed on.

    It would make a lot of people a lot happier.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    Cheers, Joe

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