Tutorial Videos do not look like those advertised.

The poster images on the videos look like they come from microsoft, not anything like the cool gorgeous graphic poster images that are advertised on the WPMUDEV site.

Did I miss the instructions on how to emulate the gorgeous wall grid of videos?

As it is there is an A-Z list of video embeds.

I’m not sure if humans think in terms of learning new things by reading A-Z by title as a linear expression of a new domain of knowledge. Shouldn’t there be a sequental list from the basics – foundation and then the detailed other functions so that a user’s experience of learning wordpress is building on previous information?

As it is it does not feel like WPMUDEV put any thought into these as an real learning experience geared for success of the user’s wordpress “know how” upgrade path.

In closing:

1) Cover images in embed videos are ugly and not at all what is advertised.

2) Videos are ordered like a robot and not user friendly.

Any thoughts?

Did I miss the page where these are actually offered?