Any tutorials on the membership plugin out there... Just migrated over here as a member , was playing around alot with another membership plugin but now messing the the membership plugin... Only thing i see is the quick start guide but a little vague in spots

Download groups? no examples.. just call these anything? Not sure how that works... Was using amazon s3 account to store my downloads before I tried out membership plugin.. is this possible?

I am wanting to start a membership site and then have specific themes and plugins available to the different levels of membership..

I know prosites does that so little confused on if I need both, membership plugin and prosites?

They both have a gateway so do not want people subscribing twice!

I need people to be able to sign up and create a blog at the same time...

The subscription and levels are a little confusing to me.. any video tutorials out there would help... I'm a visual guy :slight_smile:


Update found some instructions https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/membership/installation/

Did no see these on the download page... Is there a place for instruction with all plugins?

  • Philip John
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    Have a look at these two;

    That should help you to familiarise yourself with how the plugin works.

    We are working on getting more tutorials like this, but they're still in the works.

    If you're still struggling, let us know what you're trying to achieve - your end goal - and we can help you to figure out what set up you need.


  • scott74
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    A site for people to sign up and create a blog when signing up... Limit number of blogs each person can get based on level of membership they choose...

    I would create a check out page with lets say Beginner (1blog) and Pro(5 blogs) Memberships.. The pay pal or Purchase now button will direct them to the appropriate purchase page

    When they check out, they are then forwarded to the blog creation page where they create the title of there site..

    Based on the level of membership they join at, there dashboard will have certain themes/plugins activated when the create there blog and loggin... If they are at the benginner membership level, it would ask them to upgrade when trying to click on one of the premium plugins..

    Once they upgrade the plugins automatically become available

    Before I joined here I was setting everything up with s2 member and dozens of role plugins trying to hide/restrict the plugins based on level of membership.. created with s2..

    I don't know if I need the members plugin and pro sites for this or just one of them.. they both have checkouts and don't want people having two subscriptions to the same site.

    I did not see anything in the membership plugin to allow certain number of blogs per registered user..

    PS.. I also thought about creating a FREE registration and 1 free blog with very limited plugins ?

    I would also like to know how you guys offer ssl to users of edu... If someone who signed up for my membership needed an ssl on there site, how would they go about it since the hosting is done on my end and allowed 1SSL cert per cpanel... And even if I could put a a ssl on the sub site that they created with me, this would totally screw up any domain mapping that they may have pointing at the site they created on my end... (throws up all kinds of errors when mapping to a ssl of attempting to trick people)

    This leads to another questions.. I have a pro account with pay pal and with this being a membership site , people would be checking out on my site.. which uses up that ssl on my cpanel

  • Philip John
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    I believe that you will be able to achieve all that with Membership - no need for Pro Sites.

    There is a blog creation rule, you'll just need to go to Membership > Add Ons and activate the "default admin rules" add-on. That'll give you a new "Administration" rule set, including blog creation. Also included there will be the plugin access rules too.

    You could certainly start everyone off on a level that allowed one, very limited, blog with the option to upgrade to a higher level with extra features and then +5 blogs. That'd just take 3 subscriptions.

    If you want the frontend of sites to have SSL and you're using domain mapping you would need a wildcard SSL certificate, which is costly. If you just want the backend in SSL you can do so by keeping the backend using your main domain.

    Membership doesn't actually support PayPal Pro at the moment so that wouldn't be an issue...


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