Tweaking the "My Sites" dropdown menu links — idea for a plugin?

When I’m in my dashboard of my multisite installation and I hover over the “My Sites” link in the admin bar, as you all know, I get a dropdown menu.

Okay, this dropdown menu shows me all of the sites within my network. When I hover over a site name, I get a flyout menu to the right. In this flyout menu there’s blah, blah, blah.

Why can’t a sub-site name in the dropdown menu take me to a sub-site home page? It should. If I want to visit anything other than a sub-site home page, it’s then when I should move my cursor to the right and choose blah, blah, blah from the flyout menu.

The way it is now, a sub-site name link in the dropdown menu, which takes you to a sub-site’s dashboard, is redundant to the flyout menu link “Dashboard.” It’s two links — side-by-side — that do the same thing.

This may seem like petty business, but it’s a big deal when you have things on your mind and you just want to view a sub-site’s home page.

This is just an idea.