Twenty Thirteen responsive sidebar with Q&A plugin

My theme is responsive in design, so that when a visitor comes in on an iphone or smaller screen the sidebar widget overlaps into the Q&A area. I've tried adjusting the settings with % instead of pixels and think I've made a mess. I've put it back to px but the box is now showing up far on the left hand side. My mobile beta testers can't see the submit button at all.

You can see it here at (minimizing your browser will quickly show the overlap).

I guess I really have 2 questions today:
1. Can I fix the content area of Q&A so that it's not hugging the left side of the page?
2. How can I make the page responsive, so that my sidebar will move down to the bottom (like it does on other pages/posts), instead of covering up the submit button.

I'm hoping there is some CSS I can add to my stylesheet to over ride what's happening. Thanks in advance for your help.