/twists knob - what does this lifetime member switch do?

/flicks a switch
/turns another knob
/views account

Nope, nothing has changed. What's this thing do? Am I the first one ever to get this designation without the foggiest idea what it does for me? I mean, sure, I have a foggy idea... in fact I'm hoping there's some sort of awesome FLYING NIGHTCLUB or something where we all get to hang out.

No? Bummer... at least I get a trophy by my name!

  • Vaughan

    hi @Imperative Ideas

    you're either a comedian, or yes you must be the only member to have reached that stage & not knowing what it means :slight_smile:

    congratulations by the way. what lifetime membership means is, you no longer need to pay to be a member, you are now a lifetime member and have access to support & plugins for the rest of your life, all for free.

    as far as the nightclub goes. i'm pretty sure i heard along the grapevine, the rules are a bit like golf, when you get a hole in one, you buy everyone a round of beer :smiley:

    what else can I say,

    Thanks for being a member & a big thankyou for all the help & time you have given to WPMUDEV.

  • Imperative Ideas

    I'm a bit of both Vaughan.

    I never like to assume "Free Lifetime Membership" means what it says on the box so I had to ask. That's a pretty sweet deal! I don't mind helping out around here as it really strokes my ego compared to StackExchange where a bunch of people are WAY smarter at code than I am =)

    In all seriousness though, no, I hadn't looked into the details of what all came with the lifetime membership. You all could have just made it lifetime forum access with a discounted rate and it would have been expected.

    Instead you seem to have made it awesome.

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