Twitter follow buttons creates white space on right side of theme

I just noticed that whenever I am on a page that has either a manually-inserted Twitter Follow Button or if a plugin (lets say to share) is using twitter, it throws off the right side of the theme. Its hard to explain.

I uploaded the Blogs MU theme to a completely separate sandbox to recreate and it did same thing, so I am sure it isn’t other plugin related.

To recreate, Upload the theme, then create a dummy twitter button from here:

and insert in Theme Options > Homepage Settings > Your Network Intro Post Test.

I also noticed, it happening when I have settings for AddThis plugin reflecting the “Tweet” button.

Its like its missing a <div> or something the way it creates white space on the right side of theme.

Any ideas? This is driving me nuts and is a serious issue because we need to have several types of twitter follow and share functionality throughout site. I need this resolved asap. please help!!