Two CSS questions for Simple Market

I am very new so I've been posting away questions that to you are very basic I'm sure. My two questions are ...

1. Do you have any custom CSS that I can use to change the color of the buttons in Simple Market, the size and type and color of fonts in the shopping cart?

2. Is there a Simple Market CSS style sheet that shows me all available options that I could review and learn by example what options are available to modify?

  • Vaughan


    We don't have any custom CSS sorry. But it is pretty easy. You might want to get the firebug extension for firefox browser, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. What it will do is allow you to select for example the button you want to change. It will then show you the exact CSS that is used, you can then change these styles in real time and the changes will appear on screen. Once you have them how you like, you can then copy the CSS changes you made in firebug & upload them to your themes style.css.

    Could you post a URL to your shopping cart page & a page where the buttons are you want to change & I'll try & give you the exact CSS that you need to change.

    #2. Currently there isn't any docs for the simple market theme, pretty much all themes for wordpress require you to possibly know how to edit the CSS, it's worth learning it a bit anyway, some themes do offer some limited theme style options, but inevitably, people will always need to resort to changing the CSS some time or other.

    Firebug makes that work a lot lot easier.

    Hope this helps

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