Two Factor Authentication is making log in twice

I'm getting a strange occurrence on all of my websites. My guess is that it has something to do with automatically logging me out after one day.

Basically, when I log into any of my sites, I go through the usual Username/Password/2-factor thing... and then it makes me do it a second time.

I think it only happens when the session expires (due to the Manage Login Duration from Defender)

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi dittoddt

    Sorry to hear that you are having this issue.

    I created a new account test to check if this happens on my end too, I also created the same situation on my website, and I can test both logins. Unfortunately, I will need to wait the login expires ( tomorrow ), in this meanwhile, I need some extra information.

    Does it happen when 2-factor is activated, or without it enabled too?

    Could you try to log in using the incognito mode, or clean all caches of your browser before your next login, and check if the problem persists?

    And the last information, are you using any specific browser, like chrome, or it is happening on others browser too?

    Let me know the pieces of information, and I can run a complete test to try to replicate this on my end.
    Best Regards,
    Patrick Freitas

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