Two fields showing now for new blog creation for URL

I am using edu-clean, and now that BuddyPress is installed, we are getting two data entry fields for the URL when we set up a new user account with a blog. I have attached the screenshot as well.

Second problem is that the avatars are showing as a broken image link - originally we had an error message regarding the proper directories not being found - turns out the instructions in the plugin file listed 'blog' when it should be 'blogs' as that is what the script is calling for.......BUT although the image uploads and the images are in the user subdirectory - the image is not showing up.

We can upload images elsewhere - posts, pages, header, etc - just having an issue with the avatars showing up?

Hope you can help on these two issues - this is getting very frustrating!

Thanks -


  • cemelody

    The error is on
    exactly as installed by the scripts - we have made no changes to anything other than uploading buddypress - and it was working previously so I don't know what has happened

    Is BuddyPress required for the edu-clean theme to work? It does not state this in the install instructions in the theme folder - but does on the WPMUDEV website install instructions - it is very confusing! But we did not seem to be having this problem before installing buddypress -

    re: avatars: yes - I have tried 755 and 777 for the avatars folder and the blogs & user folders -

    Thank you for the prompt response - the first couple of times I posted I had no response and finally gave up.


  • Aaron

    still have the issue of the avatars not showing

    FYI avatar plugin is not compatible with BP as it has it's own inbuilt avatar system. If you decide not to use BP and it is still not working we will help you figure out whats wrong.

    more than just a float issue

    It is just the blog title field not moving to a new line. There are supposed to be 2 fields. Just look at the source. The css just needs a little tweak.

  • cemelody

    1) As stated in previous post - we have disabled the BP plugin - and are still having the avatar issue.

    2) As to the two fields - once I disabled the BP plugin - it is fine.
    BUT as I also asked above - according to the Edu-clean documentation - you need BuddyPress to utilize all of the features - so am I going to have problems with the theme if I don't have BP installed?
    Also - the install instructions that are packaged with the theme make NO reference to needing BP installed - but when I read the online install instructions - it says you need to have BP installed.

    Which instructions are correct?

  • cemelody

    then why is that not made clear in the actual instructions for the theme? And it is listed as WPMU theme - NOT simply as a BP theme, so it would seem that it could be used WITHOUT BP??

    So - I have to ask again - how do I get a definitive answer to these questions? These are not FREE products - I have paid for them, so there should be definitive answer available somewhere to these questions!!

    So - where do I go to get the support that one should be able to get for a paid product??

    Not to be rude - but $80 a month to have to spend hours working these things out on my own doesn't seem like a great investment.


  • Christopher Price

    I think the Edublogs theme preceded BuddyPress. In fact, I was using it up until a month or two ago and it didn't interact with BuddyPress at all as far as I was aware.

    Knowing that BuddyPress was -- and is -- in the very early development (Beta when I started with it) I knew there was a good chance that they would break any complex theme with updates, so I just used their standard theme and I color-matched the stripe to the dominant color on the Edu-Blog theme. It looked pretty good and was pretty easy to do. More important to me, I didn't have to sweat every BP upgrade.

    Do a search in these forums because I had lots of questions about avatars too... including the pluses and minuses of using avatars vs Gravatars. Like you, I found out the hard way that the WPMU avatar plugin was redundant to the one in BuddyPress. Basically, if you have BuddyPress, you have no need for the avatar plugin. If you don't intend to use BuddyPress, use the plugin.

  • cemelody

    Christofire - thank you - and this is also the point I was trying to make - this is not a free product, so I don't really understand why I am having to spend HOURS (which I have!) trying to find answers to the problems! I have already found a number of errors in the install instructions for various plugins, that are supposed to be premium plugins, things such as being told to create a directory called 'blog' when the script was calling for 'blogs'. And thank you for the tip about Edublog theme - the theme fits what I want perfectly, I don't really need the bells and whistles of BuddyPress at the moment - BUT if you read the Edublog theme install instructions here on the site - it basically says you have to install BP to get the theme to work correctly - and that was a surprise because the install file included in the theme said nothing about this.

    Aaron - that's terrific - but that would be midnight my time. I have been up since 6am - I really would like to sleep sometime.

    Again - this is not a free product, I don't understand why I am spending all of this time to get what should be relatively basic answers to make these 'premium' plugs and themes function correctly??

  • Tammie

    @cemelody: We redid our theme instructions for Edublogs and many others. One key area that you will find useful is the side bar where it states:

    Compatible With:
    WPMU 2.9.2, WordPress 2.9.2 and BuddyPress

    We now make sure all our themes work for WordPress single, WPMU with or without BuddyPress.

    Whilst we do our best to support you far beyond most other premium sites you have to also bare with us on issues as each site is unique. I'd suggest if you're looking for more advanced customisation you look as Aaron has suggested at the live chats - there is one at 2am gmt tonight with Richie and there are often ones with plugin developers also. This is one feature not offered by most premium sites that we offer you as a member.

    As you can see by the great assistance of Christofire here WPMU DEV is also about the community. I think often when we all go to a new site it can be puzzling how things are done but be assured here you have the weight of a strong community behind your membership. Christofire is a member themselves and has already given you some great advice along with Aaron. We are here to help we just need to deal with each issue calmly and get you on the right theme to suit what you want to do. I definitely think a live chat though could assist you check the times out here:

  • Andrew


    We apologize for the inconvenience but I'm afraid we do not have a resolution time guarantee (we'd have to charge much more for that). The designer of this theme will be available shortly and will be happy to assist. If you're not ok with this and are going to continue to complain I'm happy to arrange a refund for your last payment and close your account. Just contact us via our contact form and we'll be happy to take care of this for you.


  • cemelody

    Tammie -

    I have done ALL of these things - which is where the confusion is: the sidebar states that the theme is compatible with WPMU and BuddyPress - but if you read the install instructions on the site - it clearly tells you to install BP FIRST, which the install instructions with the theme don't even mention BP. Activating BP caused a number of issues - which have disappeared now that I deactivated BP.

    In fact - your answer conflicts with the answer from Aaron just previous - When I asked earlier if Edublog could in fact be used without BP, Aaron said it was changed to a BP theme last month, and earlier he said he was not sure if it worked without BP anymore.

    The point of paying for the membership was so that I would not have to spend hours chasing down solutions to bugs. No offense - but I really don't see why I should have to be on a chat at 2am to find out what is wrong with the theme!

    I think it is great that you have a helpful community here - but these are pretty basic questions that I am asking - and it has taken a LOT of time to get to an answer here.

    But even the answer is not real clear considering that you and Aaron gave different answers to the question of whether or not Edublog works as WPMU theme WITHOUT BuddyPress.

    I have been working online - full time - since 1994 - so I am hardly a newbie, and it is why I chose to pay for the membership here. I wanted a product that worked out of the box - not spend my time searching for answers.

    Again - I appreciate the community here - but it is not a productive use of time to be searching for answers for several days - or to have to get up at 2am for a live chat call.

  • cemelody

    Gee Andrew - great response! A customer has problems with bugs so don't complain - just go away??

    I have had conflicting answers from your support people which hasn't helped any!

    It is not an issue of guaranteed time frame for support - it is an issue of actually getting an answer to the question.

    Aaron has tried to help but his answer regarding whether or not BP is required with Edublog is not the same as Christine's response - and your own documentation is conflicting, as well.

    I am trying to make this software work as advertised, and have already spent 3 solid days working on the various issues, because there really isn't much in the way of documentation, so I now have a pretty hefty investment of time as well - but I am supposed to just go away?

    I could understand if the questions I am asking had to do with something unusual - but this is one of your major themes - should you guys be pretty well versed on it??

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