Two issues with user registration

Hi All,

I am having two issues with the new blogs registration process:

A. Which file is responsible for the new blog registration confirmation? I mean the page that appears when new users click on the activation link in their email to activate their newly created blog

I need to customize this page so that it can have the look and feel of our website but not sure which file to edit

B. All new blog activation emails goes directly to the SPAM folder, despite of which email provider our users are any advice how to avoid this?

Thanks in advance for your time

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Answer depends on what version of the software you;re running as well as the domain in question. One of the reasons why giving a link is so important.....

    Assuming you;re using 3.0.x something, should actually be wp-login.php under case register:

    wp-signup.php as well. The theme should be copying over there. What's missing?

    And the spam depends on your server setup. We can check for stuff if we're aware of the domain.

  • bpilot
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    We are using the latest WordPress version 3.x

    I can't put the real URL here as this is a project we are working on for one of our clients so we don't wish to get the URL indexed with this question in search engines...If there is any private email where I can send you the URL, I will be more than glad to send it to you....I hope you understand what I mean

    Actually I never touched wp-signup.php, amazingly it sees the header/ correctly but footer is messed I am not sure what's wrong :slight_frown:

    Any ideas are highly appreciated

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