two Membership plugins

Does it make any sense for me to use two different membership plugins? The wpmudev membership and the one at

This is regarding my attempt to allow Contributing Writers to upload/use media library files, without allowing them to publish articles they draft.

BTW, your documentation on Membership plugin is most excellent. I'm running out of bananas, but a loaf on banana bread has your name on it.

  • DavidM

    Hi y3kgeek,

    Many thanks once again for the bananas! They're quite delicious! :slight_smile:

    There's particular things that WordPress user roles can't easily accomplish and there's particular things that Membership itself couldn't easily accomplish without the use of user roles.

    For that reason, Membership provides integration with WordPress user roles, which provides a great way to really dig into customization.

    As such, the User Role Editor really does work great alongside Membership. You don't need to use it, as you could easily include the code needed to alter roles and capabilities in your theme's functions.php file.

    But the User Role Editor makes it all dramatically easier, rather than having to code it all! :slight_smile:


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