Two Pro Sites Feature Requests

Hi all, thanks for all the great work as usual.

I just thought I'd resurrect a couple old requests I've had in the past for Pro Sites...

1) Add a settings option in Pro Sites where the Admin can specify an URL to include as a link for all images in the Pro Sites Badges Widget. One link for all levels would suffice, and a field to enter a title for the link would be just dandy.

Every time I update Pro Sites I find myself forgetting to hard code the link we add to all our badges that directs people to a comparison chart we have with all Pro Sites levels, features and upgrade message. I include a title in the link so when anyone hovers over a badge it says "See All Supporter Blog Account Features!"

2) Add a module for limiting the <u>daily</u> post quota of Pro Site levels. Currently you can only limit the total number of posts for a certain level.

We often get new bloggers publishing multiple posts in a row, dominating the Recent Posts widgets we have throughout our community. It would be just grand to allow one post per day for our free blog level, while offering unlimited posting to our premium Pro Site level, with daily limits for levels in between.

Thank you for the consideration.