Two Question about the Q&A Plugin

Hello, i purchased the Q&A Plugin and integrated it into my theme. Its this one: you can download it for free, to check the problems :slight_smile:


The Plugin works fine but cant see my secondary sidebar:

I integrated it to my theme in which i have on the left and on the right side a sidebar. On the right side its the secondary sidebar in which i like to have set a registration/login tool and the q&a widgets.
The problem is, if i open the q&a basic site ( ) the secondary sidebar isnt there anymore.
The <div id="secondary"> isnt there too.
But, if i open a asked question (, i can see the sidebar!!!

Hope you can tell me, how i can fix this.

I cant find a on-site solution for the q&a plugin, with which users can register for the q&a. Isnt there any on-site possibility? The only thing i have, is the button under the question form if im not logged in.
But if i dissable the "ask question" for visitors, there is no button/form or something like that, with which users can subsribe!
I want a register & login field in my sidebar for the users. Is this function integrated in the plugin?
How can i solve this?

Hope you can help me :slight_smile: