Two question (I am korean . your members. Quick question.)

1. >
I use one vps to 50 web site with many mudev plugin only useing single site supportplug (not support multisite or other support)
Up to 50 website use one wordpress directory. (i don't how to use plugin for 50 website, many plugins install in each site folder for each site or many plugins install one folder for one folder.

Even If almost many plugin use for almost admin user for managmant, Is is terrible ? for performance?

I know plugin is two category
one is for vistor, two is for admin
I know many plugins install for admin is no problem for performance.
I know if many plugins install for frontend useing, It may be terrible .
Waht do you think? (please)

2. >
Do you need api for use mudev plugin
2.1 what is this?
2.2 If it is right, how many site use my account license?

i want to use up to 5,000 web site.
That is issue.
How do you think?
Can i use all my website use api need plugin? (no more payment?)

thank you very.

first my question so late.
I am very sorry.
I am challi Jung (korea name Dae-sung , Jung)

If Quick answer.. i am very happy.

If this project success. i am possible landing in korea helpful to you. (many method)

See you.
Good night (korea time 01:51)

Thank you very much for you all team.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Jung,

    Hope you are well?

    It looks like the language translator you use isn't perfect, so it's a little confusing, however I think I understand you.

    I'll try to keep my response simple and clear.

    As you have a full monthly membership, you can install the dashboard plugin on any site you want (we do have a limit of 1000 sites currently, but we can extend this if the need arises, so once you you reach 1000 sites, just let us know and we can extend it for you)

    For performance, you should only install plugins that you are actually using, if you don't use a plugin, then do not leave it installed.

    Hope this helps

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