Two questions

First, with this installed, is there no need for Akismet?

Second,once installed, does this not automatically work with all new multisite/BP blogs? There is no need to generate new API keys, I assume, and yet it seems to be requesting that.


  • greenplanetfilms
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    Akismet is a comment spam tool, whereas Anti-Splog focuses on preventing spam blog signups.

    One of the Anti-Splog tools includes API access, which would explain the requests for API access.

    As for Akismet, you'll need a license to run it on a multisite setup. Or you can use the free TypePad Anti-Spam solution, which many people say is comparable to Akismet. You can hardcode the API key into the plugin and install it in mu-plugins to prevent your users from having to enter their own API keys. I've found a few annoyances with the TypePad AntiSpam plugin, though, so I'm creating a modified version of the Akismet plugin. The TypePad solution is Akismet API compatible, so this will work. In fact, the TypePad AntiSpam plugin is itself a modified version of Akismet.

    Hope this helps.


  • Cosmo_McMoon
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    Thanks for that clarification. To summarize from your comments and those you pointed me to, Anti-Splog reduces spam blogs and works on all network sites with no need for activation on the part of each site owner, good stuff.

    The simplest approach to reduce comment spam on all network sites would seem to be Slide to Comment, which I will now check out.

  • drmike
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    For us though, it;s not really comment spam but trackback spam. About 95% of such, at least with the blogging platforms. (Forums, CMSes, and wikis are of course a different story) If such, the slide to comment would not really be a preventive for the trackback stuff. The other thread mentioned up above has a couple of links I believe for you to check out. Validating the ip address goes a long way in helping against fake trackbacks.

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