Two questions: 1. How do I configure different hours for

Two questions:

1. How do I configure different hours for different services? I need to enable 5-hour appointments/bookings that start at 11AM, 12PM, or 1PM and can last up to 5 hours. If any of those three times are picked, then the other two should be considered booked. This is for Service A. For Service B, I need time choices of 8PM, 9PM, or 10PM, with the same restriction/functionality. Service A hours should only be choices for Service A and Service B hours should only be choices to for Service B.

2. How do I configure email confirmations, reminders, notifications, etc.? I've tested a few appointment bookings and neither the admin nor the dummy customer get emails. Both email addresses are valid and working. The site is sending email ok (one of the two email address got a notice within the testing time range from a different plugin).

Thank you,

  • Vaughan

    Hi @dan,

    You can't have different hours for services, you can only select different working hours for providers.

    So you would need a different provider for each service.

    Then set your working hours for each provider starting at the start time of each. Provider A 11am - 6pm, provider B 8Pm - 3am, though i'm not sure of how you could do the times of the second provider at night as it runs into the next day.

    Let me just ask another colleague @Jack Kitterhing to see if he can think of a way to achieve this.

    Hope this helps

  • Dan

    Thanks, Vaughan. The work-around accomplishes the task but I'm not sure how well my client will like it. I advocated for Appointments+ as a good solution for his booking needs (above many others I investigated) and now I'm reconsidering the suggestion. Surely there's a way to have one person wear two hats in your system? Or ideally no person. Just different services for different hours. Same person. Kinda like moonlighting.

    Further suggestions??

    Regarding the email issue -- what knobs and switches and fields and such should I be checking that are related to the Appointments+ plugin to troubleshoot?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Dan,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    My colleague Vaughan is 100% correct, currently you need to have the service providers defined and then separate working hours per service provider, to have services with different working hours.

    You can set service providers to be a dummy provider, which means there appointments get assigned to the service provider you choose.

    We are working on making that more flexible :slight_smile:

    With the email issues, can you check in appointments > settings > logs and see if any emails are logged at all?


    Kind Regards

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