Two services widgets columns, not 3?

Hey all,

<strike>Is there a way to change the homepage of the Blogs.MU theme (BuddyPress mode) such that instead of 3 widgeted areas there are only 2: the right one being 60% width, the left retaining it’s 30-ish% width?</strike>

Ok, nm, I found it. In the Lib/Templates/WP-template/services.php file, I removed a column. Cheers.

New question:

In my child theme, the theme continues to revert to the CSS in the parent theme’s “_inc” folder. I have copied all of the _inc directory and it’s contents into my child them, but WP still references the parent theme’s _inc folder.

Is this a standard behavior, and if so, how do I override the few styles I need to tweak?


~ Aaron

  • DavidM
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    Hi Aaron,

    If you take a look at the child theme’s style.css file you’ll see it references the parent theme’s /_inc/ folder with the various import statements. You could change those, but you should be able to just override any of the styles you’d like to change.

    To make things a bit simpler there’s a readme.txt file in your child theme’s /_inc/css/ folder that mentions to rename the included child-style-sample.css to child-style.css, then uncomment the relevant line in style.css so that you can use that child-style.css file for customizations.

    Have you tried that yet?



  • Richie_KS
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    hi DrPeril

    the best way to customize a child theme would be using the child theme _inc/css/child-style.css only

    no need to copy the parent theme css into child theme…this is for future proof update on theme version.

    there should be some notes on how to add your #custom css inside child-style.css (rename from child-style-sample.css)


  • Mason
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