Two-sided booking site

Hi all,

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are having a good new year so far.

An acquaintance asked me for help with a site concept, for which they are trying to build a proof of concept relatively cheaply without needing it to be developed entirely from scratch.

The goal is to make a system for selling unused facility time slots on short notice. So, let's say I own a boxing gym, I could say my gym is available for hour increments between 12pm and 5pm on Monday and Wednesday. Then customers could book those time slots as a reduced price. I know there are appointment plugins out there that can accomplish something close to this.

However, the major complicating factor is they need it to work my like an airbnb model, where individual business owners can list their facility, and then customers make bookings. So, there would essentially be there way to interface with it: administrator, business owner, customer. Where the business owner can define the available times/cost, and then the customer can purchase those times.

There do not seem to be any plugins that do this more complex type of appointment booking, where the availability is set by another type of user.

Has anyone come across anything like this in your wordpress travels?

Thanks very much.