Two SmartCrawl Meta issues

There are two issues at the moment.

1) Trying to edit the default Product Title, and Product Meta Description for Products under SmartCrawl > Title & Meta > Post Types > Products, by adding products categories, and product tags macros in there, but the changes aren't getting reflected in the page when checking the product page in the frontend.

2) Have exported the contents from Yoast SEO to SmartCrawl, and could notice that the macros from Yoast isn't getting recognized. Could notice the following in the pages:

head title : IMPERIUM %%ct_product_tag%% | Im+++ +++mo
description : %%ct_product_tag%% IMPERIUM 100% ??????? ??????????, ????, 220 ??. ??? ??? ???????? Im+++ +++mo ?? ???? ?? ????????


We are looking to add product categories, and tags in the meta descriptions, but at the moment it doesn't seem to work. Please advise what could be done to fix this asap.