Tying Pro Sites in with Buddypress Activity Streams and User Profiles

Hello all,

I have a question about the limits of pro sites integration within a WPMU / Buddypress installation.

Here is my situation:

We run a network with a primary site (which I will call the “social site” from now on) that we want to mimic the functionality you would find on Facebook. Users posting and commenting on status updates, communicating with each other in niche specific groups, adding friends, etc. etc.

What we want to do however, is remove the ability for users to post BLOG posts to this main social site, and reserve that right for each users individual Pro Site that they can get upon (or after) registration. (There will of course be free and paid options, etc). So in the end, the social site is for quick status updates and communication, and the Pro Site blogs are reserved for the heavy “posting” of content.

That is the basic outline of how we would like things to work.

Setting this up by itself isn’t too challenging, but here is my big question:

Is there a way to have the Pro Sites subdomains communicate with the social site, allowing the social site to post a link to ANY new posts network wide in the activity stream of the social site?

To take this one step further, is there a way that we can automatically have a users site profile show a link to their personal network Pro Site without them manually adding it into one of the description fields?

Thank you for your time, if I can clarify any of the above, please let me know.