Typo and Bug in CoursePress Pro settings page

There is a typo on the CoursePress Pro settings page -> Shortcodes-> Instructor Profile URL.

The text is:
Required Attributes:
instructot_id – The user id of the instructor.

It should be:
Required Attributes:
instructor_id – The user id of the instructor.

The bug also seems to be a typo. But, in this case the typo breaks functionality. Settings page -> Shortcodes -> Instructors List -> label_element.

I was trying to change the way that the shortcode displayed by using a child theme and customizing the css and the content-course.php files. I kept trying to get the "label_element" attribute to work, and I failed. After doing some digging, I found that the shortcode attribute is defined as "label_tag" in the class.shortcodes.php file on or near lines 2178 and 2200. I have used the "label_tag" attribute to modify my file for now, but it makes more sense for the attribute to be "label_element"