Typos in manuals

I am new here and love the documentation. I have come across a couple of typos and skipped over them as the meaning was still clear, but I just started thinking "If this community has put this much effort in creating and updating the manuals then they would probably welcome the opportunity to fix the few typos that are found.

I didn't see anywhere specific to post so I'm hoping this is the best place to put them. If not please let me know so I can add other typos I come across.

For now, the typo is in the Plugins and Themes manual under "Wordpress Theme Options" heading. It's the last line. "Only enable the theme network wide once you have fixed them all issues with the theme."

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    So if I post typos here in this thread, for example, the admins will pass it on? Or would I need to start a new topic for each one I find (which seems a bit, I dunno, spammy looking).

    Likewise sending a ticket each time might get annoying to the admins.

    I ask because I'm currently 'absorbing' a lot of information from the site at the moment, so I'm looking at a ton of pages. I don't want to send in a whole lot of typo fix-ups and annoy people, thats all.

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    Here's something I found yesterday...

    The Ultimate Branding Plugin links to "https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/white-label-branding" from within the plugins page of the Admins/Users website (as in within the WordPress installation). This results in an error 404. The correct URL needs to be "https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/ultimate-branding/"

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    Found another one. I'm looking at various plugins at the moment so the first lot I'll report on will probably be plugin page related, rather than in the manuals themselves. Anyway...

    Global Footer Content plugin page (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/global-footer-content/), down the very bottom under "Alternative Options", it states:

    "If you want to allows blog administrators to simply add (almost) anything they like to the footer of every page on their blog – check out Footer Content plugin."

    The "s" needs to be removed from allows.

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    Moderation plugin page (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/moderation/), just after the first image, the text states:

    "First up it allows you to configure a massive range of messages and options including which users you want to be moderators (they don’t hav eto be site admin), whether they can remove users and/org blogs, different reasons for reporting different styles of content and notes that can be sent to users, see below for the full range of options."

    Two typos here, the first is "they don't hav eto". needs to be "they don't have to". The second, "whether they can remove users and/org blogs" should be "whether they can remove users and/or blogs"

    Toward the bottom, under the "Report this Post" image, is another typo. The text states:

    "This will place the post, comment or blog in the backend management queue and allow a moderator to take the approporaite action as illustrated below:"

    Appropriate is spelled wrong.

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    Who Sees Ads plugin page (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/who-sees-ads-for-wpmu/), midway down the page just above "Other Plugins to Help You Monetize Your Site", the text states:

    "This plugin takes an immense amount of work to keep this operational and working just fine for WPMU – which is why it’s here, we’ll be donating a bug chunk of membership fees to Ozh as a result."

    Not sure Andrew Ozh would be interested in a "bug chunk" unless he's a New Zealander :wink:

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