U-Design Theme

Hey guys,

I will be using the U-Design wordpress theme as the default template for all new sites created with Multi-Site.

This theme has a “Slider” function, which can be modified in the settings. You can add images/videos etc.

As the users of my site will be entry-level, I need to make the setup of their portfolio site as simple as possible. I want to use the Easy Blogging Plugin and setup the “Wizard” so they go through each step and fill out the blanks to update their profile.

My question is – Am I able to move the settings of the U-Design Slider into the wizard, and can I make it easier to update?

I’m pretty new to WordPress so I’m not sure how hard this is. But ideally I want them to just be able to come to the “Update Slider” part in the wizard, and then easily upload 2-3 images that they want to show in the slider. At the moment, they would have to go into the U-Design Theme settings, scroll half way down the page and then enter the URL’s of where the images are located.

Sorry if this isn’t clear, I will clarify any questions you have before you can answer my question.

Here’s how I would like the wizard to work.

Step 1. Edit About Me Section

This would allow the user to upload images to the slider, update an “About Me” text field that will display under the slider, and also edit a few “Tiles” that would just mention their main skills and area’s of expertise.

Step 2. This would allow them to upload Work Samples into their “Portfolio” and write a brief description about each one.

Step 3. This would allow them to fill out their “Contact Me” information such as email, skype id, location etc.

So as you can see, each of these steps may require more than area for them to update. Is there a way to bring those areas together into one simple page?

Thanks in advance! Sorry if it’s too confusing. I will do my best to clarify.