UF | appearance | divider


having a question regarding the appearance of the ultimate facebook plugin.

as you can see here i have installed the plugin and set up the fb-app.

there are 2 problems i have atm:

1) i am using the plugin for login to the website. the widget shows up on every page, thats correct. when i click on connect then a window appears where i am asked to enter my fb-credentials. then i enter my correct data, click on connect, the window disappears and… nothing. just nothing happens :slight_smile: what do i do wrong ??

2) the appearance of the plugin is not what i want. if you look at our main site here then you can see that on every page the plugin is marked to appear “at the bottom of each page”. so far so good but it always is right under the last item on the page which looks very ugly :slight_frown: so what can i do to have a divider or space between my last page item and the “like” and “send” option on my page??

thanks a lot for your help !