UF-fixer not saving

Two issues have popped up with Upfront Fixer, one critical.

1)This is critical. I keep getting the error message "not available when uploading media". It covers the editing sidebar on the left and makes it unavilable. Presumably, I've clicked something to make it expect an upload but I don't recall doing so and there are no other upload-related messages or anything I can dismiss. When this error happens, I CANNOT SAVE MY RECENT CHANGES TO THE PAGE. It locks me out of the lefthand editing sidebar.

2) I have been trying to format an archive page listing custom posts. The CPT is Question, the URL is http://cp-webcam.dreamhosters.com/question/ and posts appear in the default test data. When I change it in Upfront to list the Question type (with only Title, Date and Meta), I see it briefly but it disappears and never appears on the public page. During page save, I get an error "Theme color styles could not be saved". I have changed colours only through the UI, no CSS.

Support access is open. I hope you can offer some solutions.