[Ultimate Branding] Accesibility

We've identified some accessibility issues in the admin bar feature:

1. No alt text for the image in the admin bar at <img class="ub_admin_bar_image" src="https://d20jhaovzhkyo0.cloudfront.net/uploads/institutions/us/nyu_favicon.jpg">
2. No discernible text on the link the above image creates. (Found at <a class="ab-item" aria-haspopup="true" href="https://wp.nyu.edu/"><span class="ab-item"><img class="ub_admin_bar_image" src="https://d20jhaovzhkyo0.cloudfront.net/uploads/institutions/us/nyu_favicon.jpg"></span></a>:wink:

Making sure our service and sites are accessibility are a priority for us right now. Is it possible for you to resolve these issues?