ULTIMATE BRANDING: Adding a new Tab with settings to WhiteLabel WooCommerce

Hi Heros

As you like to develop new things and improve WPMUDEV plugins I would like to suggest to add another TAB to Ultimate Branding with settings concerning WooCommerce.

Settings from this plugin here could be easily rewritten and integrated

As you can see in their log that plugin gets not often maintained so it would be great to have it instead available from WPMUDEV as many here are using WooCommerce.

2017-07-10 - version 1.0.15
* Fix - Remove the customisation of screen IDs, to avoid extension conflicts.
* Fix - Fixes the display of the settings tab.

2014.09.03 - version 1.0.14
* 2.2 Compatibility.

Besides offering a way to white-label Woocommerce it even offers a way to have specific CSS settings.

The plugin on CodeCanyon seems to be a derivate of the WPMUDEV Ultimate Branding (at least inspired) and it does not offer real woocommerce branding. So it would be a great chance also to offer another value to a WPMUDEV Membership!


As we work on Multisite it would be very useful if that plugin also is able to share all settings like it is already possible with the other Ultimate Branding settings.

Kind regards