ultimate branding, I was attempting to change all of the text

I was attempting to change all of the texas on a site. I cloned a site and the links reference a different location. ex first link is country.home.com and all of the new links will be state.home.com. I just want to be able to search for country and replace with state in the specific site.

I would also like to be able to replace text data in the widget areas of the specific sites. Is any of this possible?

Thank you

  • Patrick

    Hi @Clay

    I hope you are well today!

    I think you are trying to use the Network-Wide Text Change module in Ultimate Branding for something it was simply not designed to do. It is not designed as a search-and-replace tool to swap out old links with new ones on a cloned site.

    It is only designed to change text in the admin, so cannot be used to modify front-end content. Although it might occasionally succeed in changing the text that appears in elements created by other plugins, like buttons (but that is more of a happy fluke than the result of any design).

    You may want to take a look at our Snapshot plugin for that:

    Or the Duplicator plugin from wordpress.org:

  • Clay

    Patrick you dont know this but Ive been learning from you all day.. It seems that you have a million posts on the blog.

    Yeah your correct, I have snapshot installed but what I need is a way to change links or just that part of the link quickly. I can do it manually I guess just takes a long time when i will have 40+ websites to change and most of them are ran by widgets.

    I think I am going to just do it manually because I am afraid of breaking my site.

    on a side note, I was reading your blog https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/1-create-front-end-profiles-forms-or-courses-2-smile/

    Because I would like to have a custom user profile page somewhat like the one thats on wpmudev. so does mpmudev use the dashboard widget's plugin to do this or do they just have a custom dashboard/ private user page?

    Im trying to have a page like the wpmudev dashboard page but have a few different options for my users. I think I can do it but I am not sure if they used that plugin or have a custom page all together using a technique similar to the one posted in your article.

    I dont want them to be able to see the user menu at all. So the idea is to have a plugin/widget on the main "user dashboard" page of the main site to give them quick reference to the other pages in the network. So in another way of saying it. I have a network http://austintx.localguru.co and other the links are different sites. I am trying to make a page that is a "dashboard" that gives them everything they have done on the network and have it look like wpmudev's dashboard for users. I think its a widget page im just not sure.

    You should also know that i'm using the user management plugin to give a login to my users across all sites.

    This is the last part of the process to finish the site and launch. One city at a time, Im just trying to make it easy for them to get around. Each theme has a user section I guess I can just prevent users from the admin/backend and call it a day.

    Can you point me in the right direction with this or have any ideas. Im pulling my hair out here.. lol.

    thank you in advance.


  • Patrick

    Hi again @Clay

    Sorry for the delay here; busy as beavers these days. :slight_smile:

    Do you mean this profile page on our site?

    If so, no that is not created using any simple solution like a widget. That is an entirely custom job created by our devs specifically for this site, and it's intimately tied into account APIs.

    Going back to the blog post you linked to above, the answer is yes, you should able to create a user "dashboard" page with similar features.

    The User Meta plugin would definitely enable you to create the forms for the data entries you want to add. And the User Meta Shortcodes plugin would enable you to create a single page that displays user-specific information.

    You may also want to check out come other hugely useful plugins for such a project.

    The Eyes Only plugin enables you to easily show/hide any on-page content depending on usernames, user roles, capabilities, custom groups, or logged-in status.

    The Custom Menu Wizard Widget enables you to show branches or levels of any custom menu in a text widget, or in post/page content using a shortcode.

    You could also go whole-hog and have custom registration/login forms right there on the same page too with a plugin like Profile Builder:

    That way you could keep users out of wp-login.php & wp-signup.php too. :slight_smile:

    The first thing to do is plan out your "dashboard" page, make a sketch or wireframe mockup, so you know exactly what data you want to display, and the conditions under which you want it displayed.

    That will help you in determining which plugins will be most helpful, and how/where/when to use them.

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