Ultimate Branding is not changing text on the front end even though I chose the "both" opt

When I enter the text "Pro Site" in the Ultimate Branding text change module, and tell it to replace it with "PCM Sites" in both the back end and the front end, it does not replace the words "Pro Site" on the checkout page of Pro Sites. The heading of the page still shows "Pro Site: and then the name of the site. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to change this text in the Pro Site page?

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Jon Dalrymple

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Indeed, there are settings to change that directly in Pro Sites; no need for Ultimate Branding for that.

    Go to Pro Sites > Settings and see the first options right at the top of the screen. Be sure to delete your current Pro Sites checkout page so a new page will be automatically created with a slug corresponding to what you enter there when you save the settings again.

    Settings things up like in the 1st screenshot below will result in a front-end view like in the 2nd screenshot.

    The admin menu labels will also reflect your settings changes as seen in the 3rd & 4th screenshots below.

  • Jon Dalrymple

    Ok, that worked! Thank you Patrick.

    Additional notes for others: When you delete the checkout page and a new one is created, it changes the slug of the page (as Patrick mentioned) so I also had to change my SSL certificate so it knows what pages to protect. Also any manually created links that go to the pro-sites checkout pages need to be changed to the new page slug as well.

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