Ultimate Branding not being applied to subsites

Just had a problem develop and I’m still trouble shooting it,but some reason, Ultimate Branding is not being applied to the subsites.

It was working, and then is suddenly stopped. This morning, I installed the Codestylings Localization plugin, but deactivated it and deleted it about 10 minutes later. That’s the only thing I’ve done today to the site, but I really can’t attribute that to Ultimate Branding not working anymore.

The fact it is not working is most apparent in the wpadmin bar on the subsites and on the login page for the subsites.

It’s working fine on the main site. I’m still working on deactivating plugins to search for a conflict, but have any of you heard of this before or experienced it? It has been working perfectly fine for several months up until now. I may need help troubleshooting this so I’m enlisting it now as I go along.