Ultimate Branding on Multisite with Genesis themes


We have been trying to use Ultimate Branding network-activated (just 3 features at present: a) favicon, b) header c) footer) and have run into some questions.

1. For the favicon, it seems that the Ultimate Branding Favicon was applied to only 107 subsites. We have many more than that in our network, but the favicon was only applied to some. How to get it applied to all?

2. We want to add CSS to the header and footer that would be consistent across all sites, and don’t want to go edit the css files of each individual site. It seems that Ultimate Branding does not supply anywhere to add network-wide css and I wonder if you have any recommendations on how to accomplish this (hopefully without adding an additional plugin).

3. There are some themes that do not show the header. While we expected this, it would be great to know some common fixes.

Thank you!