Ultimate Branding Plugin Compatability

Hi there,

Since adding the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin by Callum Macdonald to my multisite-platform, all confirmation-emails going out for new sites created no longer are white-labeled.

Please can you confirm what needs to be done to make these plugins talk to each other. ie the SMTP plugin obviously needs to grab certain fields from the "custom e-mail from headers" module of the ultimate branding plugin instead of from the core Wordpress files.

It would actually be great if MPMUDEV can provide us with a SMTP plugin as this is a crucial plugin to have to ensure that mails are delivered correctly especially when Google blocks mails delivered from VPS servers.

Therefore for the ultimate-branding plugin to work correctly it either needs to have it's own SMTP module, or WPMUDEV need to be able to provide us with a solution / relevant code on how to make it work with another SMTP plugin.