Ultimate Branding Plugin Compatability

Hi there,

Since adding the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin by Callum Macdonald to my multisite-platform, all confirmation-emails going out for new sites created no longer are white-labeled.

Please can you confirm what needs to be done to make these plugins talk to each other. ie the SMTP plugin obviously needs to grab certain fields from the "custom e-mail from headers" module of the ultimate branding plugin instead of from the core Wordpress files.

It would actually be great if MPMUDEV can provide us with a SMTP plugin as this is a crucial plugin to have to ensure that mails are delivered correctly especially when Google blocks mails delivered from VPS servers.

Therefore for the ultimate-branding plugin to work correctly it either needs to have it's own SMTP module, or WPMUDEV need to be able to provide us with a solution / relevant code on how to make it work with another SMTP plugin.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Our plugin won't alter that right now because the SMTP plugin is doing it's own thing. You need to contact that plugins developer if their settings to change the from name and email address are not working.

    It's that plugin which overwrites the settings you make in Ultimate Branding because it takes mail away from WP to make do it's own thing. SMTP isn't something we'll be doing in Ultimate Branding right now, sorry.

    So is that SMTP plugin not changing the sender and sender email as per the attached screenshot?


    I took a look at the screen and it implies it should.


  • Grant

    Hello @Timothy,

    You keep telling me something I already know. Please can you talk to the team at WPMUDEV and find out how I can get the SMTP plugin to talk to the ultimate-branding plugin and not to the core Wordpress files. I suggest you understand how ultimate-branding affects the confirmation-emails as you keep thinking I am stuck with the "from user" and "from email" fields which I am not.

    Please note that this is a problem concerning the ultimate-branding plugin. I need you to let me know what generic terms (fields) Wordpress uses when sending out confirmation emails, and what names (terms) ultimate-branding has changed these fields to.

    ie if Wordpress refers to SITE_NAME, then what has ultimate-branding changed this field to?

    And is there any code I need to insert into the SMTP php-file to request it to read info from a file in ultimate branding instead of the functions.php file?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    The code that manipulates the email stuff is here:


    For the site email address it grabs the options table ub_from_email and pulls the email, for the title it will pull the options table ub_from_name. This information as defined and saved from the admin/network area of your site.

    The data is returned from two functions, for email:


    And for the email name (site name);


    It then basically uses standard WordPress filters that replace what WordPress does with the information you defined from the settings area.

    The filters are:


    And that's pretty much all there is to it. These are the same filters as the SMTP plugin, so they must override our filters by being called later in the loading process.

    You are right though, from everything you've said I'm still not really understanding what the problem is. The only thing UB does it changes the email from and address. I did ask what it was that wasn't working, and then if it was the sender issue. Our developer is aware of this thread, if there is anything he can do he will. :slight_smile:

    I guess I really get the problem as it's only those two things we change for email from this add-on, sorry for that.

    As for code regarding that other developers plugins, maybe remove the extra filters so that it's only our ones that are firing.

    You can also find the original filters in the following WordPress file if you're interest:


    If I'm still not understand then please elaborate as to what the actual issue is. Maybe include some screenshots if you feel it will help me.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.

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