Ultimate branding plugin makes my multisite admin go blank

Hi there,

I had the ultimate branding latest plugin, up to date. I created a new site using blog templates plugin (which is great btw) but I noticed that the favicon was missing for the newly created site so I tried to troubleshoot.
I went to the ultimate branding plugin and I clicked to enable "custom favicon for multisite" option and all went blank. The admin broke down. I logged in using SFTP (my site is hosted by wpengine) and erased the plugin which brought back the admin to normal. I tried reinstalling the plugin, admin went blank again. I read in the forum about similar issues so I downloaded and installed the older version 0.1 I believe but with no success. Same issue. Could you please take a look. I really like and need the features offered by this plugin.
This is my first support request, so not sure, what else do you need from me? Let me know and thank you!