Ultimate branding - select admin functionality in front end?

Hi guys

I'm creating an online service using multisite for clients that would like to be able to handle their documents etc with digital signature instead of physically having to send documents for signature. For this purpose, I would like to keep my clients completely out of the WP back-end, and build a front end admin area for them where I can allow them select and needed functionality that fits the service the are purchasing. I.e. for instance be able to enter the digital signature capabilities through the front end and upload/edit their contracts from the front end. I thought that Ultimate Branding could do this, but I can't seem to fint it anywhere. Does is infect to this or is it 'only' for branding purposes? In short, I would like to be able to select bits and pieces of various plugin's admin functionality and give my clients access to this via the front end.

Thanks a lot.