Ultimate Branding SMPT Email still goes to junk box (outlook.com)

Hi there,

I'm so excited with Ultimate Branding latest 2.0 released and i give it a try for SMTP email feature.

I'm setup using usual SMTP email account i obtained from my cPanel - Email Accounts, which i used it to host my email accounts for many years without any issues so far.

However, i tried to send myself a test email, it was being recognized as junk email by outlook.com. But on the other hand, sent to gmail.com is working.

Can anyone advice how should we really look into the SMTP setup to make sure it will deliver to user's inbox safely? I know it wouldn't be 100% sure but i wish to get expertise advice, if any :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hi iamJayChong

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    Issues like this usually happen because of differences in "spam filters' sensitivity". As you already noticed, your mails got delivered to Gmail fine but they are marked as spam/junk by Outlook.com. That confirms that this is the case.

    Now, that can be caused by a number of reasons and while some of them can be handled, some unfortunately can't. Let's then try to go through some things that might be "fixable" :slight_smile:

    1. Start with checking your e-mail domain against various spam lists. These tools should help:



    if any "blacklist" is reported for your mail domain, you will want to find out how to remove it from there and try to do this. There's no "universal" way, unfortunately. In some cases it has to be your host/domain registrar who would ask for removal for you, in some you just fill in the form, in some the only way is to wait as the list is "cleaned up" automatically from time to time.

    2. Just in case, even though it's SMTP, check your site's domain and IP as well; that is because the information about that might still be available in e-mail headers and some filters may actually look into it too.

    3. In SMTP settings, make sure that "From email address" is consistent with SMTP that you're using - what I mean is that make sure that this e-mail address is specifically the same as the address for the account that you are using SMTP of. Some SMTP servers allow you to use different e-mail address in "From" field but that might result in marking message as spam (because of "e-mail address spoofing" attempts); it's a method often used by spammers to send fake e-mails.

    4. Then check your domain's DNS records. For the e-mail domain make sure that there is an SPF record set as this is something that's very often overlooked and equally often is causing such "oversensitive" spam filters' behavior. Take a look here:




    There's also another aspect that's worth checking. While issues described above are "purely technical" it's worth to remember that spam filters are not only checking the "tech aspects" of messages but also... content. So, whatever "weird" it may sound, it's definitely worth to carefully create the content of the messages. There are some keywords/phrases that are known to trigger some spam filters so it's better to avoid them. These articles might be helpful:



    Of course many of them (most actually) are perfectly fine English words but sometimes used "too many times" or in specific sentences (mostly "marketingish" text) they might trigger spam filters. the same applies to extremely long or extremely short messages or messages that use "broken language". For example if I write something like "Hi, how are you today?" that should be fine. But if I write "Hello deer Sirs! I trust your very well. I now you good" - that would most probably trigger quite a lot of filters right away :slight_smile:

    A note: the list of phrases that I shared is for English language but I believe you should be able to "google" similar lists for most other languages (if you need them) as well :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Jaxom
    • Dragon Rider

    Hi iamJayChong
    You can also add this code snippet to your functions php which will make sure that all emails have proper headers and not wordpress default.

    * Function to change default email address

    function wpb_sender_email( $original_email_address ) {
    function wpb_sender_name( $original_email_from ) {
    return 'SENDER NAME';
    add_filter( 'wp_mail_from', 'wpb_sender_email' );
    add_filter( 'wp_mail_from_name', 'wpb_sender_name' );


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