Ultimate Branding to "Export Settings/Data"

I would like the option to export the settings/data of Ultimate Branding plugin.

Currently, I am seeing that I have to keep a .css file of my custom login & admin css, my admin menu menubar setup, help content, footer content, etc. I have to do this so I can setup my client's default install package I have made.

(((Note, I really don't have to do this every time, because I use WP Migrate DB Pro, which migrate my database with these settings. But, because I am doing a fresh install and setup to recreate client's install packages, I see I need to copy and paste this information or have kept individuals files like I stated above then copy and paste everything. I thought I would mention that this export feature would be useful.)))

It would be great to import the settings files and it would include the add-ons as well and their settings. But however is great.