[Ultimate Branding] Ultimate Branding 2.0 Color Schemes need more options

I've used the Color Schemes in Ultimate Branding 2.0 to create a set of custom admin area colours, but there are some options missing. This may only be applicable to Safari, but I believe there are a few things you could add better colour support for:

- Some WPMU Dev plugin icons need updating to show the correct colour in the admin menu and show the correct hover colour as well. Ultimate Branding works fine, but Smush Pro and the WPMU Dev Dashboard plugins both show grey and hover blue.

- At the very bottom of the admin menu, the "Collapse menu" link (and its icon) aren't currently customisable with a colour option.

- The WordPress admin button has text shadow which is blue. This is also currently not customisable, so it looks weird.

- On pages like the Posts page which has an "Add new" button, that's still blue - this needs a colour option to customise.

- In the admin bar, the hover colour for the "+ New" menu, the updates number hover state, and the comments number hover state are all blue (there's also a darker blue for 0 comments). These *also* need colour options for customisation.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi itsnotrocketsurgery

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    Thanks for reporting those missing options and suggesting changes.

    I have already passed your message to the plugin's lead developer so he and his team could take a look into it. I'm not able to give you any ETA at the moment but since the plugin is under constant development, I'm sure they'll look into the details of that to address them in future releases.

    Best regards,

  • itsnotrocketsurgery

    Sorry - in an amendment to my error above, the icon used in the admin menu for Ultimate Branding is also not displayed correctly. The menu item icons have three states:

    Default, non-selected
    Hover state

    Ultimate Branding appears correct when it's the selected menu item, but it also suffers from a fixed grey default colour and blue hover state.

    However, the Snapshot plugin displays its icon correctly - this should be the shining example all other WPMU Dev plugins should use for their admin menu icon colours :slight_smile:

  • itsnotrocketsurgery

    I've also noticed there's no way to tweak the colour of the notification numbers or their backgrounds. These are usually white numbers inside red circles in the admin menu, and I'd be happy for them to remain like this - however, UB2.0 seems to change them to the submenu background colour.

    This isn't ideal, as when you hover on the Dashboard menu item, the submenu item for "Updates" doesn't highlight its notification number (the circle colour is the same as the submenu background).

    I've also got some further suggestions for the new "Login Screen" module (which has loads of excellent options and is amazing - but needs a little work and some more options):

    Where it refers to "Transparency" and its set to 100% by default, this is not transparency, but actually opacity. The labelling needs updating throughout, or the setting needs to be set to really mean transparency and show 0% by default.

    The options for the form button colours are a little inconsistent. There are several button states that need colours, and they're not consistently supported currently:

    - Regular button state (background and text colour)
    - Focused button state (background and text colour)
    - Hovered button state (background and text colour)
    - Active button state (background and text colour)

    Currently, not all of these are supported, and I'm not sure the 'Button text color hover' setting works at all.

    There are also no settings for the button border (also for all states). This, of course, supports radius, colour and type (solid, double etc.) and its transparency.

    Fortunately, all of this can still be overridden using the Login CSS module (please don't remove this), but for ultimate ease-of-use it would be great to provide more GUI support, as you've already made a start and done a great job.

    Where various controls support multiple states, my recommendation would be to add a tabbed interface for that, so you can cram more of the settings into the space and it would be so much more easy to manage. So have a button section, with a tab for each of the states and all the management inside each perhaps?

    Finally (for now) - two little interface tweaks that would make this module so much nicer to work with:

    1. Put a 'Save Changes' button at the top of the page as well as after each of the collapsable sections. This page is really long, and having to make a tweak, scroll *all the way* to the bottom, save, repeat - is quite tedious.

    2. Please add a live preview option somewhere. This will make it so much quicker to make the changes, and will be an awesome addition.

    Feel free to hit me up if you ever need an 'ideas guy' :wink:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi @itsnotrocketsurgery!

    Feel free to hit me up if you ever need an 'ideas guy'

    Sounds tempting :wink:

    Anyway, the lead developer of Ultimate Branding will see all your posts here. While I'm not involved in the plugin development, I can't speak for him (and his colleagues) but to me that all makes a lot of sense and I think these are great findings and suggestions :slight_smile:

    Thanks again for that awesome feedback!


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