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If Ultimate Branding is so ultimate, why is it not possible to change admin menu – rename items, reorder and/or hide items? Or have I missed something?



  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Daniel,

    Ultimate Branding was initially focused on putting your own branding and messages on your site, both back and front end, and over time it has developed to be much more, however there’s always room for improvement :slight_smile:

    This is actually a request that we had few times in the past and is something our developers are considering adding in future.

    I will forward your question to our devs to let them know more people are interested in this.

    Best regards,


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I’m sorry but I would -1 this as a request. There are plenty of high quality, well-maintained, free plugins that already do exactly what is described in the OP. There are threads in this forum that discuss admin menu customization. There are recommendations to other fine plugins that do everything that’s been described here. It’s my opinion that there’s no good reason for this company to expend resources on this specific effort, and doing so would actually hurt the user base. So I would discourage further consideration of these specific features.

    The stated issue here is that the term Ultimate is misleading. I agree. The same is true for the Ultimate blogs and other Ultimate plugins found elsewhere. The term is really nothing more than “marketing-speak” for “this plugin does a lot” and “this blog has a lot of info”. Meh, I cut um some slack.

    I see Ultimate Branding as a catch-all utility to fill in gaps and do small and really valuable things. It replaces other plugins that only have a few lines of functional code. I don’t want to see it bloat to include huge feature sets that is included in other big plugins.

    I believe the problem is that this plugin doesn’t have a stated scope. It’s called Ultimate “Branding” but it has extended way beyond the concept of branding to include anything that customizes a site to suite administrator preferences. Yes, that’s an implicit definition of “branding” but it also eliminates the concept of scope. So all of us can request a ton of little helpful features that are all within the unstated scope. That feature set could eventually encompass the feature set of great plugins that are already out there. Where does it quit? Why is “this” admin menu feature included and not “that” one? How much is too much? When does a huge feature set get called Bloat? When might people start flagging this plugin, like many others out there, as a recognized resource hog? At what point will we ask for code to get stripped out because there is more in there that most of us don’t use than what some of us do use?

    When a product is called Ultimate, people expect it to do everything. When it doesn’t they’re disappointed. So IMHO, calling it Ultimate was a bad idea in the first place because ultimately (Ha :man_with_turban: see what I did there?), while people appreciate everything it does, every user is going to focus on that one thing they want that it doesn’t do. The product has “disappointment for everyone” built-in to its (lack of) definition.

    Well, they could have called it Mixed Bag O’Features, and while that would be more accurate and eliminate “built-in disappointment as a feature”, that wouldn’t have been smart marketing either. :wink:

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