Ultimate Branding vs Global Footer & Custom Admin

So this is probably (hopefully) just a basic question. But wait, first there is a little back details... So.. I, like many, was researching 1 or 2 really crucial plugins when I investigated the cost and found the all for one deal to be too good to pass. Like any child at Christmas, I began unpackaging all of my "presents". Now I have a mess of toys on the floor and it seems that some of them do the same thing.. The question is why can I get rid of?

Specifically, it appears that Ultimate branding includes images, Global header, and Global Footer. A Separate plugin has Global Header and Global Footer and Custom Admin Bar.

Do I need the additional plugins for the branding to include these features?

Does Ultimate Branding include these features by default? If so, are the additional plugins duplicate features?

I am all good with running multiple plugins, but assigning network activated vs site based plugins gets to be a lot if you are unfamiliar with the features. I don't want to overload my sites with "optional" plugins that are really not necessary. For example, I have ultimate branding network activated (for my own marketing purposes). If this plugin already includes all of the features, then there would be no need for me to also install smaller plugins that offer portions of this branding feature. I would just assume delete the 3 extra plugins.