[Ultimate Branding] Wordpress + Woocommerce Emails Styling/Layout/Content Recommendations

I am preparing an ecommerce site with Woocommerce. I'm using Ultimate Branding because of, among other things, the HTML email template.

So what it does is that now my system emails (like forgot password, new user and whatnot) and Woocommerce emails are now styled with my template.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out the following:

a) Is it possible to have this global template apply *only* to user emails and not admin? Admins don't need the fancy styling.
b) Is there an easy way to style Woocommerce emails (like putting my own stylesheet in themefolder/woocommerce or a path like that)

but thinking of userfriendliness then maybe you could help me with:

1. a) above
2. A plugin that could help me not only style Woocommerce *and* system emails (user only if possible) *as well as* edit the email content/layout ? And include a global HTML container like Ultimate Branding

In other words, ideally I'm looking for a single plugin that could handle style/layout/content of all system and Woocommerce emails but hey I'd be happy to have 2 if that really meant as much s/l/c as possible for each kind. If possible I prefer also a global template within the same plugin, to avoid to make changes to every single email if I change something like the logo, or some text in the footer. But I guess I may need 3.

Right now I have
- Ultimate Branding for the HTML container,
- then Better Notifications for WordPress for the system emails,
- and trying not to break Woocommerce's from their settings. And Woocommerce are not user friendly :slight_frown:

I'm even looking at some paid plugins out there that allow me to send some conditional emails based on Woo orders. So there are 3 sets of emails to think about...

Can anybody suggest a better setup?

Thanks everybody