ULTIMATE BRANDING/DEFENDER: Merge with the content from WP plugin slash_admin

Hi Devs.

It would be great if you could integrate all parts which are not already in Ultimate Branding and Defender from the WordPress plugin slash_admin into the two WPMUDEV plugins.

slash_admin has great stuff but some stuff is overlapping with the WMUDEV plugins. As WPMUDEV should be more a one stop solution instead of having tons of other plugins installed too, it would be a great addition to have that done.

the cookie message plugin would be obsolete after integrating that code and it is done really nice here with a way to have multilingual notices and editable notices available when using wpml.

the tracking code option and the other settings are pretty useful to have

Most of that is already available in the WPMUDEV plugins but the rest could be added easily

Super option to manage super admin rights!
[image pos="5"]
Ultimate Branding could benefit from some additions!

eMail protection

-> as we are in GNU GPL v.2 with WordPress Plugins and integration should not take to long and be feasible.

Kind regards