Ultimate Brandings - Site goes blank!

Hi guys,

Got huge problem. The main site in multisite is creating me huge problems suddenly.

Last night I was just hanging around, not doing anything on my main web site and after refresh, site goes blank. White screen and nothing else.

My dashboard and other blogs are still working normal but main site blank still for a while. I did turn off all my plugins and in one moment i saw error in ultimate branding code line 45. Didn't pay any specific attention. After a while site goes normaly back.

After some time, while restarting server, enabling all plugins back, site started to work normal like it use to do.

Today, actually 5 mins ago, same thing. Site goes blank again. I did activate P3 profiler plugin to see what is causing trouble so much and ultimate branding is using more than 40% of all resources. Of course i turn him off, after few refreshes site goes back online.