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i don't understand how to autopost on my Facebook fan page, actually it publish on my Facebook wall.
The plugin works well, but it seems that i missed something.
Can you help me with this part please?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi @selk,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Firstly I'm assuming you have correctly set up your AppId and Secret key? If not, please let me know and we can come back to it.

    The autopost settings can be changed in the Facebook > Facebook settings menu. Scroll to the bottom and click Autopost to Facebook to open this section.

    In this section you can enable the "Allow autoposts to Facebook" option, and then in the "Map WordPress types to Facebook locations" section you can pick which information is posted to which page linked to the account connected to the App you set up.

    If you do not see these options, or the dropdowns are empty, your App is not correctly configured and facebook is not providing the required information to your site. Please check the plugin's usage tab for a link to instructions on setting up your app corectly.

  • selk
    • New Recruit

    Hi Elliott,
    AppId and Secret key are ok.
    I see the drop-down menus, but it only allow me to autopost on my profile wall, or notes or events. I don't see autopost on fan page.
    It works perfect on my personal wall, but i don't see how to turn the process to my fan page wall.
    I'm sorry if my words are not accurate, i'm french.

  • selk
    • New Recruit

    additionnal feedback about this setting:

    when i unchecked "Prevent access to my linked accounts" option,
    i was able to see the drop-down menus selection for the authors
    without problems on Firefox.
    if i make same with Internet Explorer 10, i absolutely need to delete history, cache, everything to see the drop-down menus appear.

    I think this detail is important to know because like you said: sometimes the simplest things are the last to come to mind,


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