Ultimate Facebook and CoursePress Pro

Hey there,

I've done some reading up on integration of Ultimate Facebook and CoursePress Pro - and I see that it is possible as per below:


I've followed these steps, but have following issues:

1) If I disable the custom login as Peter suggests here (last comment), this of course gives me the default WordPress login (but indeed it does add the Facebook Connect). This isn't really desirable from a UX perspective, so I'd rather keep the CoursePress Pro login form. Is there a solution for this?
2) I'd also like to use Facebook for users to signup/register. Is this possible? I feel I should point out that there is some complexity in my setup. I am using Gravity Forms for one signup form (Become an Instructor) and the standard CoursePress Pro shortcode for another signup instances (Student signup). Ideally I would add the functionality to signup with Facebook to both of these.

Many thanks!