Ultimate Facebook and Facebook Comments

has someone an easy workflow how to setup correctly Facebook Comments with Ultimate FB plugin?
I spent many hours with this plugin, it works for some installations but mostly in 80% cases I have problem to get the fb comments to appear :slight_frown:

Why the plugin "Facebook Comments by Fat Panda" is working with every my WP installation and the Ultimate FB is so difficult to setup?


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @time4novelty

    I haven't looked at the code of that other plugin, but my guess is it simply overrides the native commenting system in WP.

    Ultimate Facebook, on the other hand, adds to it rather than overriding it.

    What can make it a bit difficult in some themes is when they use their own system of actions & filters, instead of relying on core WP hooks.

    That is why there is a Custom Hook field included in the Facebook Comments settings. If a theme is giving you a hard time, you can add your own hook to your theme templates where you want FB comments to appear. Then enter the name of that hook in the field. Ultimate Facebook will find your hook, and display FB comments there.

    As for an easy workflow, the first thing to do is to check both "Import Facebook comments" and "Use Facebook for comments". Then decide whether you want to "Override WordPress discussion settings".

    Save changes and refresh a post on your site's front-end.

    If you still don't see the FB comments, check any documentation from your theme's author to see what custom hooks are available to test in the custom hook fields. If you cannot find any that work, then you can create your own.

  • time4novelty
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Here the steps again:

    1. Find comments.php file in your theme, should be:


    If you're working with child theme, find this file(comments.php) in parent theme directory and copy to child theme directory.

    2. In comments.php find following code:

    <?php if ( have_comments() ) : ?>

    Change it to this:

    <?php do_action("my_comments_action"); ?>
    <?php if ( have_comments() ) : ?>

    3. Next, in your WordPress admin area, go to Facebook plugin settings and open Facebook Comments section. For the last option there, the one labeled "Use a custom hook (advanced)" enter your custom hook: "my_comments_action" (without quotes) and save settings.

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